Boilies and PopUps

Our boilies are one of the best baits around, we did severe test all over Europe in the past 2 years to get to the point where we are now, to create one of the best ready made baits available without compromise on quality of ingredients or soluble attractors.

We run the production within Europe and have our own chemist who is in charge of all operations, we even make our own flavours unlike many others (see the LAB page)
We have invested heavily into research and development to ensure that our baits are the finest you can buy.

As with every item in our product range, our ready-made boilies are fully researched and contain only the best human grade ingredients to ensure that we offer a highly digestible bait with a good nutritional profile.

The secret behind the Berkley Gulp Carp bait unrivalled success lies in using only the highest quality ingredients being researched and developed internally and produced in our own production facility..

We can proudly say that Gulp! Carp boilies have the following benefits:

  • 100% premium natural ingredients
  • Superior scent dispersion
  • Exclusive water soluble attractants
  • High digestibility
  • Optimal nutritional value.


If you want a fishing edge, to out-fish all those around you - and maybe catch a record carp yourself, you need to try the Berkley  Gulp!Carp baits as we believe it will be the best bait to Catch more Fish!!!

In 2010, Gulp! Carp boilies will be available in size …

  • Berkley Gulp Carp Seeds
  • Berkley Gulp Carp Seeds
  • Berkley Gulp Carp Seeds
  • Berkley Gulp Carp Seeds
  • Fresh Fruit One

    The Base Mix is unique to Berkley containing nutrition far in excess of what a fish can get from natural food sources, that’s why the Berkley Gulp Carp Bait is so good.

    This dark red boilie is one of the range containing that famous seed blend. We have had some incredible feedback from anglers who have praised it for its long catching life and for its amazing versatility because it works well all year.

    Includes, at the optimum levels, Strawberry flavour, Red Fruit Flavour, and Intense Sweetener.

    See product's page

  • Irish Cream

    This seed-based pale cream boilie will be seen in a few years as one of the most successful ready-made baits ever conceived.

    We have added the fabulous Berkley Gulp soluble attractant to give this bait a real edge for instant attraction.

    This is one of the most powerful sources of attraction in our entire range. We use for this bait also the Berkley Gulp Seed Base Mix and a flavour of caramel and cream.

    See product's page

  • Particle Bomb

    Based on the Berkley Gulp Seed and birdfood base mix, with some extra tiger nut and peanut meal for improved texture, this is one that's sure to be a favourite by both carp and carp anglers.

    Adding some bigger particles this bait has a real “crunch” to it. The nutty smell really makes you want to eat it yourself.

    See product's page

  • Pineapple Fever

    A big favourite with many of our fieldtesters, this bright yellow boilie is big on pulling power at any time of the year, and makes a superb choice for a session abroad.

    Responsible for numerous big fish from a wide variety of very different venues. The Pineapple flavour is so strong and recognizable to the carp they keep coming back for more.

    See product's page

  • Tuna & Spicel

    This is the favourite boilie from our chemist himself, made from a fantastic base mix containing the purest Tuna Meal available and various Indian spices to give this bait an extra edge to stand out from the crowd.

    See product's page

  • Seafood One

    Short and long-term attraction, nutritional balance and a unique crunchy texture are all taken care of in this stunning ready-made. This is the most fishy bait we have containing lots of LT fishmeals, fish proteins, seaweeds, etc…

    See product's page

  • Halibut & Crab

    Irresistible ingredients and attractants are used in these boilies, full of halibut fish meals, a fantastic crab flavour and some green lipped mussel extract.

    We added some micro halibut pellets to give this bait a high leakage and some extra crunch to it.

    Full of quality proteins to give the big carp the nutrition they need.

    See product's page

  • Squid & Silver


    The Berkley Gulp Carp Boilie Squid & Liver is made using squid meal and squid flavour  with adding some special liquid liver extract.

    See product's page





High visible pop ups that are really UP for the job.! We made them very bright and colourful, which made them really stand out from the lake bed. Very nicely flavoured and added a free extra liquid attractant that boost them even a bit more. Available in size 12, 16 and 29 mm.

This range of pop ups completes the range of dips and boilies : 8 different flavours made from the same mix as boilies. 

Berkley Gulp Carp Pop-ups


  • Fluo Pop-Ups:


    Berkley Gulp Carp Fluo Pop-ups

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